Endo International to Reach $10-Million Settlement in Opioid Medications Case

By Emily Forster -

August 22, 2019

Endo International and its subsidiaries have offered a $10-million settlement in principle to two Ohio counties in connection with pending opioid litigation. The settlement is effective only upon the execution of definitive documentation. In the absence of a settlement, the trial date is currently scheduled for October 2019.

If finalized, the settlement will resolve “Track 1 Cases,” which refer to various claims relating to the manufacturing, marketing, distribution, supply, sale, prescribing, use and/or abuse of branded and generic opioid medications. The trial is a result of 2,000 lawsuits pending in federal court in Cleveland, Ohio by Cuyahoga and Summit Counties.

Under the settlement in principle, Endo International and its subsidiaries Endo Pharmaceuticals, Endo Health Solutions, Par Pharmaceutical and Par Pharmaceutical Companies, will pay a total sum of $10 million and will provide up to $1 million of its blood-pressure drug, Vasostrict (vasopressin injection), and Adrenalin (epinephrine injection), an emergency treatment for allergic reactions, free of charge, to Cuyahoga and Summit Counties.

Endo says the settlement will include no admission of wrongdoing, fault or liability of any kind by Endo and its subsidiaries and is based on the avoidance of litigation risk and associated costs.

Source: Endo International