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February 20, 2019

The highest number of NCEs approved by the FDA…the fastest growing small molecule clinical pipeline reported in 20 years…the increasing numbers of small and virtual pharma taking their products further through clinical trials…These are exciting times for our industry.

Cambrex’s growth as the biggest name in small molecules continues apace

2018 turned out to be a huge year for Cambrex, with acquisitions of both Halo Pharma and Avista Pharma Solutions creating exciting opportunities as a leading, fully integrated small molecule CDMO across the entire drug lifecycle. In addition to our broad expertise in drug substance, we now have the opportunity to offer drug product development and manufacturing capabilities to new and existing customers, along with early stage development and analytical services. All this, while remaining committed to being the experts you enjoy working with – as a strategic, long term partner of choice.

Even more dynamic people

Our acquisitions are focused on adding more capabilities and value across the development pipeline to further accelerate your products to market. Our global team has grown to over 2,000 employees to help us do just this.

And our manufacturing and development facilities are rapidly increasing in the US and Europe. We have invested in our continuous flow platform and expanded analytical capabilities at Cambrex High Point. Cambrex Charles City is about to introduce a new state-of the- art HPAPI facility. Our generic API research, development and manufacturing capabilities have been upgraded in Milan, increasing both capacity and efficiency. Karlskoga recently completed a large-scale site extension and is working on a large laboratory expansion to meet ambitious targets and ongoing customer demands for a long-term partner. All of these investments make us even better equipped to match the changing demands of the global market.

The next instalment for Cambrex

Cambrex’s acquisition of both Halo Pharma and Avista Pharma Solutions will make 2019 another exciting year. By building on our core services, and extending and diversifying our capabilities, we can reach both new customers and serve existing ones better, assisting all of you to achieve your goals and accelerate your products to market.

Cambrex is looking forward to seeing where these new opportunities in drug product and analytical services will take us, and the expansion of our expertise in the small molecule market. Throughout 2019 our customers can expect to hear more from our experts sharing their knowledge and insights on these new business areas and technologies.

Small molecules 2.0: the bigger picture

Small molecules 2.0: the bigger picture provides more than 80 pages of a selection of thought leadership articles our experts have contributed to which have been featured in global trade publications.

I hope you enjoy reading our expert’s perspectives and insights and discovering why Cambrex is one of the biggest names in small molecules.

Shawn P. Cavanagh Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

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